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 About Us

The Intermediator Group is a consultancy focused on recruitment and development of executives skilled at innovation and execution in the digital world and in print media. The assets we provide our clients include a broad and deep range of contacts and a hands-on knowledge of digital and print media and information services businesses. In addition to extensive interviews and reference checks, TIG makes use of scientifically validated assessment tools to identify the best possible candidates.

In addition to recruiting services, TIG offers executive coaching and development consultations to help executives negotiate difficult management situations and develop to their full potential.

The Intermediator Group was founded by Henry E. Scott, an experienced digital and print media executive with companies such as The New York Times and Metro International S.A. Scott's clients have included The Wall Street Journal, Ecko Unltd., the St. Petersburg Times, Mediamark Research Inc., Belo Corp., Prodigy Services Corp., and Metro International.